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Welcome to the Bev and Greg Show!

Bev and Greg feel fortunate and blessed to experience coastal living every day, and they’re eager to help others discover the bliss they’ve found here in North Carolina. A perfect team, they work together to make the buying and selling experience just as idyllic. They take care of the hard part, easing the stress of the process, keeping their clients informed and involved, and making sure everyone ends up happy in the end. When you work with Bev and Greg, you have the benefit of two people passionate about where they live and work, who have dedicated their lives to helping others attain their goals.

Bev and Greg joked  about becoming the “The Bev and Greg Show” when exploring Bev’s interest in retiring from public school education and her getting involved in real estate .  Maybe it was Bev’s fascination with HGTV, but it had a “ring” to it.  It was fun!  When it all started to take it shape, it was just that: “fun”.  The fun comes from truly enjoying what you do.  For Bev and Greg,  “all things real estate” is not just a job, it is a passion and they have fun doing it.

For real estate buying and selling needs, Bev and Greg are proud to be agents with Landmark Sotheby’s Realty.  All real estate activities are conducted through the Sotheby’s brand of excellence.  It this association that allows them the absolute best in support, visibility, and a hallmark of name recognition.  They have found that Sotheby’s and particular Landmark Sotheby’s Realty affords their clients the absolute best service.

About Bev:

After 30 years in the North Carolina Public School System as a first grade teacher and literacy specialist. Teaching taught her that students come to the table with varying levels of understanding, knowledge, and experience. Her goals were to assess, guide, monitor and celebrate her students’ achievements. Now, she’s grateful to apply those same skills to her real estate clients, helping, guiding, and—yes—celebrating with them as they buy and build their dream homes. Read More

About Greg:

A second generation real estate broker and a general contractor, Greg spent over 30 years in the real estate, land development, and construction industry. In 2004, he purchased an old beach shack in Surf City as a weekend getaway, tore it down and rebuilt it. While not a part of the original plan, the salty air, ocean breezes, and blue seas soon beckoned Greg and Bev to call Topsail home. When it comes to real estate, he’s sold it, bought it, built it, developed it, rented it, managed it, exchanged it, mentored it, and taught it, and it continues to teach him something new every day. Read More