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Buy, Sell, Design, and Build – We Do It All

How can someone be an expert at it all?  Combine 30 years of experience with a tireless passion for “all things real estate” along with an eagerness to learn and expand horizons and that is what you get.  A Vision for making it easy for clients to have a one-stop shopping place has always been at the forefront of Greg Isenhour’s ambitions.  When lots of others were sleeping or watching TV, Greg was always learning and studying to be a recognized industry leader  and still keeps on ticking – a quest to be a real estate expert.  When you love what you do, then why not do it all.

And for that reason, these couple of Beach Bums work to provide their clients the benefits of that knowledge and experience.  In a nutshell, we  offer two basic services: Real Estate Investment and Property Improvement.   This can look a lot of different ways, but here is some more explanation with links to know more.

Real Estate Investment

We either help you to invest (buy or purchase property) in real estate, or to divest your interest in real estate (sell your property).

Invest(Buy): That investment in real estate could be a place to call home with all of the innuendos of personal enjoyment, warmth, safety, beauty, and so on.  Or, that investment could be totally at the opposite spectrum for purely meeting financial investment objectives.  And of course, it could be somewhere in between providing both objectives.  Whatever the reason is to invest, we are here to assist you in finding the right property to meet your investment objectives.  If you are looking to buy real estate, continue here to learn more about working with us or skip ahead to start your Property Search now.

Divest(Sell): Sometimes life’s goals change.  We need to relocate, a new child, the kids have left, we are ready to make a change; and so on.  We understand that things change, for good or not so good reasons.  Whatever the reason is to divest of your real estate interest, we are here to assist you in maximizing your financial return in selling your property.  Continue here to read more about letting us help you sell your property.

Property Improvement

We can assist you in improving your property from basic ideas to being 100% complete and ready for you to enjoy living in your property.  Whether renovating an existing structure or starting from the raw land, we can assist with either.

Design: We offer design only for what we are building.  It is meant to provide a service for our clients to make the process both easy and cost effective.  Our designs are completed using state of the art design 3-D software that allows our clients to “visualize” and walk through the property before the first nail is driven.  Find Out More About our Design/Build Services.

Build: As a second generation builder, Greg understands building with integrity using proven methods and materials.  With over 30 years of experience, Beach Bum offers more than just quality construction, but manages the process with no surprises and completing the project on time.  Customer confidence and satisfaction are paramount. Build Your Dream.