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Sell Your Property with Bev and Greg

You are contemplating or have decided to sell your property. Now What? You don’t have a favorite real estate broker or maybe you do but you just don’t have that warm fuzzy feeling that he or she is right for you. Or, maybe they are right, but they are not working with the real estate company that you think will be right for you. You owe it to yourself to find out what Bev and Greg can do for you.

Greg and Bev are pleased to work with Landmark Sotheby’s International Realty to market your property. The Sotheby’s name as a long standing reputation with excellence and is the perfect match for selling your NC coastal property. When listing your property with us, you get the confidence and peace of mind that it will have more visibility in the market place than with any other firm. Take a look here at where your property gets exposure.

Having your property visible is just one aspect of getting your property sold. Visibility with excellent representation is crucial.

Here is the Bev and Greg difference:

Professional Photos: We have the IPhone, IPad, and a great Camera, but we are not professional photographers. We trust professionals to do what they do best for our properties to make sure that the Buyer’s first exposure to your property is just that – Professional. This is going to be the Buyers first perception of your property.  We help your property put on its best face!

Market Analysis and Pricing: Greg has sold as much property of his own over the past 30 years as what he has for others at top prices. He does his due diligence to assist clients in setting the right price and marketing strategy.

Marketing to Sell: We make your property desirable from presenting the pertinent features with clarity to using our networks to get your property exposed to other industry professionals. We have the Sotheby tools and our own tech savvy tool bag to work for you.

Negotiating Strategist: When the offers come in on your property, we are here to apply honed skills in the negotiating game. Greg not only teaches classes on negotiating to his peers but has been chosen by numerous organizations in which he is a member to negotiate on their behalf because of his negotiating skills.

Closing the Deal: When contracts have been entered into, we get the deal closed. There are lots of minute details in getting to a consummated contract from attorneys, to inspections, to getting all of the papers signed. We are organized and proficient at making it all happen.

Bottom line is that we bring experience and knowledge of “all things real estate” to get your property sold, not just listed. That experience embraces all things learned in building, land development, teaching, negotiating, and marketing. Let’s work together to get your property sold!

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