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Design Your Dream Coastal Home


Since 1986, Greg Isenhour has worked with many building clients to create one of a kind home designs and even some office and restaurant space planning. In the early days before computers, this was all done by pen and pencil. Today those same plans are created from concept to construction drawings using computer aided design (CAD) software making it easier to share and view drawings electronically.
Design at Beach Bum Builders is provided thru a hybrid “design/build” process. Interpreted, design service is only provided for homes, renovations, and projects that are being constructed by Beach Bum Builders, Inc. This service is not a profit center for the company, but rather a service for its construction clients.


Why Design/Build?

Burger King coined the slogan “Have it your way” over 40 years ago. Design build is similar. Your home design should embody you. It is yours and is a reflection of you. We assist you in making it your way.
The biggest reason for using a “design/build” process is for efficiency for both time and financial reasons. Clients have one resource for both the design of a home and the construction. Everyone has busy schedules and many times clients live remotely. One contact, one manager for everything makes it a lot easier and makes the process of getting from point A to point Z streamlined.
From the financial perspective, some sources have stated that a very small percentage of projects that have been professionally designed are eventually constructed. The reason being that budgets for construction and the design are misaligned. A key emphasis in the design build process is to design around the clients budget each step of the way. With the budget being foremost; size, shape, and finishes are centric in the design process as Beach Bum Builders creates a home design around your parameters and expectations. Construction and engineering efficiencies are incorporated into the design from the ground up. That is not to say that any corners are cut. Rather the design is optimized to work within budgets to obtain good quality construction.

Why Not Use Stock Plans and Maybe Customize?

Since design work is a service as opposed to a profit center, 95% of the time a one of kind design specifically for the client’s land and their specific needs can be provided for the same costs when building in the coastal communities. Even with the “stock” plans, they will have to be individually engineered for a specific lot when building on the barrier islands and within 1500 feet of the coastal waters. All of this is handled by Beach Bum Builders, Inc. Besides even it cost a little more to have exactly what you want, in the grand scheme of things why quibble over a couple of thousand dollars on a $300,000 project? On top of that, we tend to think you are going to get a much better design as well.

How the Design Build Process Works

Before commencing with any design, a virtual or live meeting takes place.  The purpose of the meeting is to establish the scope, size, shape, budget, and client needs and expectations.  If a client has ideas, pictures, or sketches;  all of this is discussed and incorporated.  From this early meeting and other discussions, we work with our clients to affix budget parameters.  On the front end it may be within a range.

From here, Beach Bum Builders goes to work to create conceptual drawings – primarily floor plans.  This process can take a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the scope and size.  These drawings are then shared with the client and the plans may go thru several iterations until the floor plans are agreed to.  Once agreed to, a “check-in” on the budget is completed with revised estimates and to tighten the range.

After all have agreed, the process is continued to complete working drawings for construction.  Once the drawings are complete, the plans are sent on to a professional engineer that we work with to engineer and seal the drawings for permitting and construction.  At the same time detailed specification and pricing are completed to get ready for construction. For more on construction click here.

3-D Design

As mentioned above, Beach Bum Builders uses modern computer software to design, communicate with its clients, and other design professionals linked in the process. Not only are we created working drawings, but virtual reality and 3-D renderings are used to assist our clients in “walking thru” the property before it is even started. It is much like what viewers may see on HGTV. Clients can experience the livability of their plans well in advance. And the best part is that with modern technology, this can all be done with our clients remotely from their own home or business.

In summary, clients who choose to engage Beach Bum Builders, Inc. in the design build process benefit from saving money, time, and at the same time have their space designed just for them. One of a kind home design just for you, not like the neighbors, and to fit your lot, all at an affordable price. And best of all, the process is made fun and easy because Beach Bum Builders are experts at organization and making things happen.

How long does the Design Process Take?

Typically, from the first meeting to having plans ready to obtain a building permit, the process will take approximately 2-3 months allowing for the client to think, analyze, and make changes. This time frame is somewhat client dependent and how quickly the client is ready to move. The shortest amount of time on our record books is 4 weeks. Once we commit to take on a new project we have committed the resources to move forward and will even create a schedule detailing the tasks and due dates. Generally speaking it takes about the same amount of time as searching, deliberating, and making changes to a “stock” plan or less time than hiring a design professional separately.