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Build with Beach Bum Builders, Inc.

Greg Isenhour, Building Industry Leader

Greg Isenhour has been building new homes, commercial buildings, communities, and for that matter, just about anything to do with construction for over 30 years. It is more than that if you count the time growing up in the home of a general contractor and real estate broker. Greg learned the business “hands-on” in the field and has incorporated that experience into sound business practices to create a positive building experience for Beach Bum Builder clients. Greg has also been instrumental in shaping the building industry in NC serving in various capacities on regulatory bodies and also serving as president of the NC Home Builders Association in 2003. He continues to serve the industry as an instructor for the North Carolina Builder Institute and industry consultant.
Greg spent over 25 years in the Triangle area of NC, predominately in Chapel Hill enjoying an excellent reputation as a high quality builder and general contractor. A housing/economic recession in 2008 caused him to rethink his goals over the next few years and move to the beach full time. 2013 brought the birth of Beach Bum Builders, Inc. Those who know Greg laugh when they hear the name. They “get” the irony as Greg is anything but the stereotypical “Beach Bum”. With the same principles, business practices, quality expectations, and ethics Greg continues the legacy in coastal NC; no longer striving to “build the world”; just a few projects each year.

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Commitment to our Clients

Quality at a Fair Price

Quality will never be sacrificed. Some products and methodologies uses by our competitors do not match up our standards. Innovation is important to us, but only when we are convinced that new ways of doing things will stand the test of time. Every home and building will be constructed with integrity to last beyond a typical builder warranty. All construction is completed using competent trades contractors that are excellent craftsmen and fair in their pricing. In turn we will use our best negotiating power on our client’s behalf without sacrificing quality or a job well done. We will be fair and open book with our clients so that they have full knowledge of what they are getting and how much we intend to profit from the service rendered by Beach Bum Builders, Inc. We embrace the trust our clients place in us and that they understand our need to earn a fair and reasonable profit from the service we render.

Honest and Direct Communication

Clients will never be “sold” anything or promised anything that cannot be delivered. Things do happen in the building process and we are experienced and prepared to handle what comes around. Conflicts will arise and we will work those conflicts to meet satisfactory solutions for all. We will be diligent in straight forward in our communication to keep our clients informed every step of the way. As much as possible, all matters will be committed to writing. We work to be transparent in all our endeavors.

Manage the Building Process

It is understood that time is money and money is time. We will diligently schedule the various construction tasks to be completed in a timely and orderly fashion. Every task completed will be inspected for meeting our quality standards and the value that we have committed to deliver. When issues arise, we will work out innovative solutions keeping all parties informed. Daily supervision is provided to get the job completed on time and in budget. Our goal is for our clients to have peace of mind because we do manage the building process.

Maintain Excellent Business Practices

Interpreted, we will return phone calls, emails, and texts. We will maintain good records. Good business practices will be followed to ensure that Beach Bum Builders, Inc. is in business not just today, but tomorrow and next year. We value our reputation have built our business on referrals and repeat business.

Quick Snapshot of Beach Bum Builders, Inc.

Beach Bum Builders, Inc. is a small local building company operating in Pender, Onslow, and Brunswick Counties. The company has a North Carolina General Contractor’s License noted as follows:

Classification:          Building,  Accredited Master Builder
Limitation:                Unlimited
License Number:    73527
Qualifier:                    Gregory L. Isenhour

What this means is that the company is qualified to construct any type of building, not just residential structures, and has proven its financial capabilities to contract construction projects with no limitations on its costs. In addition, Greg Isenhour is one of few builder in the state of NC that has earned an Accredited Master Builder designation.

Types of Construction:  Custom Homes, Commercial Buildings, Residential Renovations, Commercial Upfits, Project Management

With a vast array of types of construction, competence has been attained using many different types of materials and methodologies. This also gives the company and edge in choosing viable solutions for its client’s design needs. Ultimately it is the client that benefits from this experience and knowledge. The company builds from plans provided by its clients or most often from plans the company creates utilizing its own design expertise. Large or small, Beach Bum Builders, Inc. is the builder you’ve been looking for to make your dreams reality. We will be there every step of the way.