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About Bev

Native to Onslow County, I have strong family ties to this beautiful coastal community.  Going to the beach for me meant going to Topsail!  After working and raising three handsome sons in the Concord/Charlotte area, I found myself wanting to return to this sweet paradise I now call home again!  As faith would have it, after returning home, I met and married my wonderful husband, Greg!  (Life just got a little sweeter!)   Intrigued by the passion and expertise from my new real estate broker husband, I jumped in with both feet wanting to learn all I can about buying and selling property on this quiet little island.  In 2012 I received my NC Real Estate License.   After 30 years of service in the teaching field, I retired from the North Carolina Public School System in 2014. With total commitment and enthusiasm, I started working full time as a real estate broker.

As I learn and grow in my expertise especially in this unique niche of resort and second-home properties, I have discovered I’m a good agent! As UNC-Charlotte grad and former first grade teacher and district level Literacy Specialist, I’ve been in the business of “growing” learners for a long time.   Just like every first grader learning how to read, we all come to the table with varying levels of understanding, knowledge and experience. Any teacher worth their salt knows this.  The same is true in buying and selling real estate.  My model of teaching generally fell into just a few simple steps: Assess, Guide and Monitor, and Celebrate! I take this same philosophy into helping my clients make informed decisions in their real estate endeavors.

ASSESS: I take the time to listen.  It is one of the most important steps in understanding what the needs, wants and desires of each client.  Some clients knows exactly what they are looking for while many are just beginning to test the waters of buying or selling a second home.

GUIDE: Wherever you may be at on the spectrum of buying or selling, together we will pursue the step by step process towards a successful transaction by either finding the best location, the price you need, the financing you want, and the timeframe you desire. While continually to MONITOR your questions, concerns and understandings.

CELEBRATE: Celebrate with you when your home buying or selling transaction comes to a successful close!  I enjoy helping people through the journey of home buying or selling.  I strive to make all my clients successful.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully helping you in your journey of home buying or selling here in this beautiful Carolina Coastal Community, I call home!