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All Things Real Estate – A One Stop Option

The POWER of TWO working for YOU,  We will make it happen!

A Perfect Pair

A husband and wife team that split their time between Topsail Beach and the Holden Beach area, Bev and Greg are pros at finding the “beach bum” inside everyone. Meeting here in coastal NC, the combination of Greg’s 30 years in the real estate business and Bev’s 30 years in education create the perfect match for your real estate needs. They’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the beachy keen. Nothing thrills them more than using their hard-won knowledge to help their clients achieve their dreams.

How We Work

Any successful team works because of its diversity in strengths and assets combined into a single functioning unit. Bev and Greg make their diversity work for their client’s benefit. Buying and/or selling real estate can be complex. What could be better than to have two diverse people working for you instead of just one? Together Bev and Greg “tag-team” their efforts in helping their clients to simply “get what they want.” From crunching numbers, analyzing, and fact finding (Greg’s forte); or searching, touching/seeing, and experiencing (Bev’s forte), a lot of work goes into finding the real estate property you have dreamed about. Discovering and focused on your vision, we’re with you every step of the way.


We’ll ensure your home has the structural integrity that brings you peace of mind while sticking to both your budget and time frame.

Real Estate

Our residential and commercial land development experience allows our team of seasoned brokers to assist with any of your real estate investment needs.